Terra Forma

Terra Forma is an augmented reality sandbox that invites the visitor to physically build a new landscape from layers of found topographical footage. The visitor may dig through the sand to excavate various video tracks, reforming an ambient sound track in the process. Together the media chart an archaeology of continual colonization and domination.


4’x3’x3′. Custom software, found media, depth camera, speakers, projection, 200 lb. play sand, wood, aluminum.

Based on the US Military’s ARES augmented sand table.

The layers:

  • Mars colonization, red
    landing footage from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover
    audio excerpts from Mars One colonization project Kickstarter video
  • Nation building, yellow
    leaked footage and audio from gunner camera of Apache helicopter during attack mission in Afghanistan
  • Resource extraction, green
    satellite imagery of Iraan, Texas oil drilling fields
    audio recording of hydraulic fracturing explosions
  • Archaeological evidence, blue
    imagery from the Piri Reis map, the earliest known map showing any of the Americas
    audio of waves crashing on the beach

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