LoVid – Reaction Bubble

Technical Director
Collaborators: LoVid, ceramicist Matt Towers, choreographer Deborah Goffe

ClientLoVid, Real Art Ways, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Reaction Bubble is an installation that includes interactive custom electronics, video, ceramic sculpture, and choreography.
Reaction Wear is a set of wearable electronics designed for video and audio performance. 

Custom C++ software and electronic sensor network,
panoramic video projection, live video monitors, Kinect cameras, CCTV camera, ceramics and conductive glaze

Electronic components:

  • custom long-range infrared beam sensors
  • capacitive proximity sensors (using white gold glaze!)
  • wearable IR transmitters for performance
  • 2.4GHz RF mesh network
  • Arduino <> openFrameworks serial com

Rendering system for panoramic projection:

  • projection mapped to fit curved screens
  • custom GLSL shader effects controlled by sensor network
  • 3D behavioral animation responds to motion tracking data